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My A to Z Challenge Theme for 2015

A to Z Theme Reveal

In about a week, I will be starting the 2015 A to Z Challenge! Basically, this means I will be blogging every day except Sundays starting on the 1st and ending on the 30th of April. Each day’s topic will start with a different letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order! 26 letters in the alphabet, 26 days (excluding Sundays) in April!

Today, March 23rd, is Theme Reveal Day! For this blogging challenge you do not NEED to have a theme, but I feel it will make it more fun and give my readers an idea of what to expect during the month.

Since I blog about my writing journey, I figured a writing or reading theme would be pretty generic and lame. That does not mean that I won’t be talking about writing quite a bit, because I will be. It’s just not the main theme.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the theme of my 2015 A to Z Challenge is……………

Things that have inspired me or have had a great impact on my life.

I figured this would be a great starting point for this challenge since this is my first year participating. If you are also participating, please let me know what your theme is in the comments section!

I was going to keep the individual topics a secret until they are posted, but I decided it would be more beneficial for readers if I put a list here and turn each topic into a link as the posts become available. So here is the list of topics:

I hope you enjoy this month’s blogging extravaganza!

Just a Quick Update

The view from my window today

The view from my window today!


Update! Update!

Soon this blog is going to be going crazy!

I’ve got tons of posts planned and many of them even written already for April because I am doing the A to Z Challenge! Starting April first, I will be posting a blog post everyday except Sundays beginning with a topic that starts with the letter A and ending with the letter Z! On March 23rd, I will be announcing the theme of my twenty-six posts in April! So make sure to sign up for my email mailing list so you can be alerted when that is up!

I am writing all of these posts in advance because I will also be doing Camp NaNoWriMo in April! I am going to be a bit of a NaNo Rebel once again because I am going to be continuing to write Obsession. I am hoping to have a completed first draft by the end of April and then I will start working toward my goal of fully writing a book by the end of this year! I will be continuing to post one chapter of Obsession every Friday over on Wattpad, so make sure to follow me and add Obsession to your library! (Also, get the mobile app for Wattpad because it is great. It sends a push notification whenever someone updates a story in your library.)

I am really excited for all the writing adventures to come and I hope that you are also 🙂

My next post will be the theme reveal for the A to Z Challenge and then the mayhem commences!

My #DearMe Letter to My Teenage Self

I realize that the #DearMe campaign for International Women’s Day (Sunday, March 8th) is for YouTube, but I thought I would bring it to the blogosphere and post a letter to my teenage self here.

Me as a Teenager

Yes, those are scissors…


Dear Teenage Leetah,

I know that you feel uncool, unpopular, and different. I know that you’re depressed and you hate your body. I know that you hide away behind your hair to avoid people and feel like puking if the teacher calls on you. But I also know that you care deeply for your friends and family. That you laugh more than you cry. And that you have big dreams.

It may be hard at times, but try to focus on the positives in your life. You may have gone through a hard break up, but look at the friends that are by your side and trying to make you feel better. You may feel different, but look at all the things you would not have experienced if you had been “normal”. (And by the way, there is no such thing as normal!)

Someday soon you will meet an amazing man whom you will marry. (Actually, you’ve already met him, you just haven’t realized it yet!) You will continue to write, and your dreams will feel closer than they ever have.

I’d wish you luck, but I know you don’t need it. Because I know your future… Mwahahaha!

Love from,

Your Future Self.


Feel free to leave a link to your #DearMe blog post or YouTube video in the comments! 😀

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