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School BooksWell, I will fully admit that I have not been writing much the past few weeks. I know, I know. What the heck happened? Well, lots of things, but I won’t get into all of that. What I will say, is that I am still very much in love with my novel and I will continue to work toward it’s completion! Although, that will be a slow process since I will be back to school in just over a week.

Back to school. Guh. Scary thought. I skipped the last semester, so instead of it only being four months since I was last in classes, it has been eight whole months! But I am feeling confident about my classes and I have already started the mass amount of text book reading.

All. Will. Be. Well.

Truly. (I’m still trying to convince myself…)

Anyway, the courses that I am taking are Human Geography, Anthropology of Food, World History: 1900 – 1945, and Creative Writing Fiction 2. I am most excited for the creative writing course and it is online only so that is even better. I am least excited for the history course. I took an introductory history class in my first semester and I didn’t like it so much… Oh well, we shall see.

I will try to get some writing done on my novel throughout the semester but I am not expecting all that much progress. As may have been guessed, I will not be participating in NaNoWriMo this November because I will have much too much to do. Also, NaNo in November is more of a start-with-a-blank-page-and-go-0-words-to-50,000-with-nothing-but-coffee, and since I am already mid-novel, it really would not work for me at the moment. And it would kind of be cheating, wouldn’t it? Also, I don’t drink coffee. Is that cheating right there? Have I been cheating all this time? Oh, dear…

And anyways… Is anybody else heading back to school? If so, what are you taking? Leave a comment below 🙂

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Leetah is a writer and graphic designer who lives on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband (Matt), her dog (Isla), and her three pet rats (Avi, Lily, and River).

She writes mostly fantasy but enjoys tying in other genres to her stories.

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