B is for Brand Consistency

What is a brand?

A brand is every visual (from an online ad to the product packaging) and every interaction with a business or individual’s consumers/clients.

How does one create a consistent branded experience?

Graphic designers are usually the ones that must make sure that a brand stays consistent. They make sure all of the colours that are used stay the same from each medium. Logos. Fonts. Images. Basically everything. The best way to do this is to create a Brand Manual. This is a file or book that shows the restrictions and rules of all of a business’ branding. It shows specific colours to be used, logo sizes and “safe-zones” (the amount of padding between a logo and everything else), types of images, etc. Once this manual has been created, anyone who is going to create an ad, update the website, etc. will be able to do so with consistency.

Why is brand consistency so important?

Brand consistency creates the relationship one has with a company. If the logo is always used in a consistent way with consistent colour and imagery, a consumer will recognize and connect with the brand. If the logo is tweaked every time it’s used, colours constantly change, and the imagery is all over the place, a consumer won’t realize that it is the same company that they have seen before and will be more likely to ignore an ad or other marketing medium.

An example:

I had to create a brand manual for a fictional specialty grocery store for school. Here are some example pages from this manual.

Brand Manual Example

Brand Manual Example


What brands have you noticed that stand out because of their consistency?

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