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Camp NaNoWriMo Update!

Wordcount for July 20Well, over the last few days I have had some encouragement from my husband and some friends and I was able to up my word count and catch up to where I should be! I’ve got less than 9000 words to write to reach my Camp NaNo goal and I am feeling confident again that I will reach that goal. But there are a few days coming up that I will not really have time to write (maybe a couple hundred words if I am lucky). So, now that I am caught up, I have another obstacle to overcome – I need to get ahead!

I’ve always found that having a set goal for word count helps me keep myself moving along. But I also find, that when I set those goals, they begin to limit me. I find it difficult to motivate myself to write beyond my goal. I will be writing away and getting into a groove when suddenly I hit the magical number that I needed to reach for the day, and I just stop.

I’ve tried not setting a goal at all, but then I fail to write almost anything. I’ve tried telling myself that if I get ahead then I can have a day off from writing but then I think “well, couldn’t I just take that time off now instead?” and close the document and continue my day. Nothing I try works!

Well, I’m going to try to guilt myself into writing more today. Maybe I will withhold food for myself until I reach a certain word count? That should work, right? I won’t die, will I? Hmm, maybe I need some better ideas… If you happen to have any, please leave them as a comment below!

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