F is for Type Families

Typefaces are categorized into families that reflect their stylistic qualities and historical origins. There are many different names for these families and many of those names mean the same thing. For example, one type family goes by Egyptian, Slab Serif, Square Serif, Mécanes, and Antiques. These are all different names for the same thing!

To give you some more information about the different type families and some examples, here is a book I designed during school about type families (click on the first image to scroll through):

What is your favourite typeface family?

(Mine is Display because there are so many amazing and fun designs that can be created with these unique letterforms!)

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  • you call them typefaces but I call them fonts – do they mean the same thing? I’m not quite sure as I have never quite used ‘typeface’ because I always refer to them as fonts.

    I should know more about fonts as a designer but to be honest, I don’t. I know of serif, san-serif, cursive, I pretty much forgot all that I learned in school.

    you should just teach a class, you’re pretty good at explaining these things.

    have a lovely day.

    • A typeface is the whole. So, for example, Garamond is a typeface.

      A font is a part of the whole. So, for example, Garamond Bold size 12 or Garamond Italic size 18.

      People definitely use these terms interchangeably. I know I’m guilty!

      I think I only remember this stuff this well still because I just finished school about a month ago! 😛

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