Happy New Year!!!

Ratties2013 came and went so fast. It flew right on by. It had it’s ups and downs. I’m sad it’s over but happy for a new beginning. Yes, generic. This whole blog post is going to be rather generic.

There were many good times in 2013… Deciding to take a chance and quit my job to write full time, realizing I was sick of school, finishing the semester with no idea when I will continue my degree, completing NaNoWriMo for the first time ever, my husband getting a new awesome job, adding a couple new ratties to our family, seeing concerts, having great times with friends and family, and more!

But 2013 also had it’s bad times… The multiple times when my husband and I could barely afford to eat, all the vet bills, our poor ratties being sick, when our beautiful pet rat Sansa died, when my dad’s heart stopped beating while him and my mom were on vacation and he had to get a heart monitor put in, and, well, much more.

But, as sad as the bad things were, I think that the good times made up for them. 2013 was a good year overall and I look forward to a good year ahead.

So, happy New Year everyone! I wish you all a great 2014!

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Leetah Begallie

Leetah is a writer and graphic designer who lives on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband (Matt), her dog (Isla), and her three pet rats (Avi, Lily, and River).

She writes mostly fantasy but enjoys tying in other genres to her stories.

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