Life and Writing Update!

Sorry friends, I haven’t posted in quite some time!

But…… Here’s an update!

Life has been busy and stressful and exciting and crazy, but that is no excuse. I’ve got a few ideas for blog posts so expect more to come shortly.

My husband and I moved back in with my parents in June, while we wait for our house to be finished being built. It should be done in about a month (soooo excited!) and then life will get a bit back to normal. I’m also back to work as buying a house is an expensive venture, so writing has kind of fallen to the side lines. I know, I know, I should really make it a priority but life is hard and days are short!

I’m still reaching for my goal of having a completed first draft of a novel by the end of the year, I am close to the half way point on The Tree of Eternity, so now I just really need to get down to business! Life just needs to stop throwing me curve balls, gosh darn it!

Here are some pictures of the progress of my house:

2015-06-24 19.22.42

2015-06-24 19.32.55

2015-07-29 17.00.55

2015-10-04 16.06.30

2015-10-04 16.26.27

2015-11-14 11.50.21

Also, you can check out the completed chapters of the first draft of Tree of Eternity on Patreon by becoming a patron! Just click here.

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Leetah is a writer and graphic designer who lives on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband (Matt), her dog (Isla), and her three pet rats (Avi, Lily, and River).

She writes mostly fantasy but enjoys tying in other genres to her stories.


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  • These are awesome updates! I’m so glad that construction is going well. We bought our first house last year, and it’s awesome being a homeowner instead of just renting. Even though you have to pay for repairs and stuff, it still is just awesome. The fact that you get to build from the ground up is even better.

    Writing is great because it can fit in between the cracks. Do what you’re doing. You’re awesome at it. The writing will come. Just keep reaching for that goal my friend 😉

    So good to hear from you again!

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