Q is for Pull Quote

A pull quote is a line of text that is taken from the body copy of an article or blog post that is enlarged and placed within the body text to give the eyes a break and bring attention to an important section of the story.

This is what a pull quote can look like in a blog post!

Pull quotes are especially used in magazine articles. They can bring some extra “pop” to the page when an image is unavailable or would not fit.

They can also be called a blockquote!

So rather than just having a full page of body copy, try adding some pull quotes for variety! But don’t add to many or it takes away from the whole. A pull quote should be something exciting and worthwhile for it to really make an impact.

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Leetah is a writer and graphic designer who lives on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia. She enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband (Matt), her dog (Isla), and her three pet rats (Avi, Lily, and River).

She writes mostly fantasy but enjoys tying in other genres to her stories.

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