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P is for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is magic.


Okay, maybe not quite magic. But since I don’t really understand how it works (I can use it, but how it does what I tell it to do I don’t know!) it seems like magic. On that note, Photoshop can do a LOT, but I’m going to focus on a couple things that I particularly love about Photoshop: combining photos and removing impurities.

Combining Photos

The very first graphic design job I ever did for a client was combining three different photos to create a website banner image. First, I had to cut the trucks out of the original picture (I used the Quick Selection and Magic Wand tools) and then I added them to the background image. I then cut a strip of pavement from an image and darkened it before adding it to the bottom of the image, in behind the trucks. I cropped it, and —boom!— the website banner was complete.

FOD Web Banner - Photoshop

Removing Impurities

One of my favourite tools in Photoshop is the Spot Healing Brush. Say you have a beautiful picture of the beach but someone had chucked a pop can into the sand. No one wants a piece of garbage in there amazing holiday beach photo! All you would need to do is select the Spot Healing Brush Tool, size it to cover the pop can, and then click on the problem spot. You may need to move the mouse around a tiny bit while clicking. And then the pop can magically disappears and the beach is left looking as supreme as you remembered!

What other Adobe Photoshop tools do you love?

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