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Keeping Track of My Word Count

BegallieWriMoAfter last month’s extravaganza of writing, I have decided that keeping track of my daily word count and how many words I have left until I reach my goal helps me stay on track. In the past I have just written whatever amount of words whenever I felt like writing. I usually did not force myself to write when I was not in the mood, nor did I ever reach the word count goals I had set out for myself. And I have decided that this needs to stop!

After Camp NaNoWriMo ended and I was leaving my writing graph behind, my husband happened to ask me what kind of app he should program for fun. He was talking about an intercom type thing for our computers so we could just press a button and talk to one another from computer to computer, which is a great idea, but I interjected with an idea of my own. Why not make an app that has similar functionality as the NaNoWriMo graph, so that I can keep track all year round and not just in November or the Camp NaNo months?

Needless to say, he thought it was a great idea and started working on it right away. After about a week of obsessively working on the app in between work and other ordinary life events, my husband finished the app! It works great and I’ve only found one thing that I want to be fixed. (I can’t just press enter on my keyboard to update my current word count. I have to use my mouse! That extra second it takes could be spent writing!)

Now that my graph is up and running (which he aptly named “BegallieWriMo”), I have set my word count goal at 30,000 words to be completed by September 2nd since I head back to school on the 3rd. I haven’t written very much yet (as you can see in the screen shot), but – according to the app – I have to write 1071 words per day for the next 28 days. I’m confident I can do it. I reached my goal for Camp NaNo after all, so what’s another 30,000 words?

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