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Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014!

Happy Canada Day!

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It’s that time again! Time to get finger cramps from typing too much and butt cramps from sitting too much! Butt cramps? Really? I don’t know. Anyway, Camp NaNoWriMo is here again and yet again I am going to be typing my way to the winners circle, or so I hope.

My original plan for Camp Nano was that I was going to get started on a new story that I have been fleshing out over the past month, but that plan changed when I printed out the new outline for the novel I started last July for Camp NaNo. I read through it and decided it was time for a rewrite!

So my new plan is to rewrite last July’s novel. Not that I ever finished it. I only ever reached the 25,000 words mark before putting it on hold. But this July I am going to go for the full 50,000 word count goal and I am going to get this sucker written! I am aiming for about 90,000 words over all but if I can reach 50,000 in July then I will be over half way there and I will be beyond happy with that. So, see that word count bar over there >>>> ? The one that says ‘Dark Fantasy Novel #1’? I’ve reset it to 0 and you can see my new progress there as the month unfolds!

The reason I am choosing to rewrite the 25,000 words I have already written is not so much that it is bad, but that when I rewrote the outline, I realized that too much was missing. I am now adding another character and another subplot that begins right at the start of the story. Therefore, I need to rewrite as it would be much to hard to try and add it all in during revisions.

Mmm, this tea I am drinking is amazing… Just as a side note.

Anyway, now that I have wasted some time rambling on about my Camp NaNo plan, I should probably start implementing said plan… In other words, I need to get writing!

Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month? If so, what are you planning to work on? And what is the word count goal you are aiming for?

Leave a comment below! Byeeeeeeee!


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