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S is for School


Day 19 of the A to Z Challenge is about the dreaded schoooool. (Click here for a list of all the topics)

S is for School

I always hated school. Okay, probably not always. I’m sure I liked it when I was in elementary school and it meant I got to see all my little friends, but once I got to middle school, and especially high school, I really did not enjoy it. I loved hanging out with my friends and I even enjoyed learning, but the tediousness of getting up early each morning and going to classes with teachers I didn’t like and doing projects I didn’t enjoy was, well, just gross.

After high school, I took some online writing courses and I really enjoyed them. Especially the ones that I could do at my own pace. I didn’t think I needed any further schooling aside from the odd six week online course.

When my husband was in college, he convinced me that I should go as well. So we moved closer to the school and I enrolled. I started out going for a associates degree in creative writing, but after taking a bunch of courses (mostly english/writing and anthropology courses) I decided that I didn’t care about getting a degree and just wanted to WRITE. So I quit.

But boy am I glad I went.

Going to college taught me how to properly do research and that I should doubt everything I read online until I check the facts and sources. It taught me how to self-edit and how to critique for others. I had never really had critique partners until taking creative writing courses in college. It taught me about different cultures and how I could use aspects of cultures around the world to really flesh out the cultures and lives of the characters in my writing. It taught me to love learning and to seek out as much information as I can in my endeavour of becoming an indie author.

So, although I ended up quiting before I got a degree, the information I received was so valuable. And really, the information and skills learned are more important than a piece of paper anyway! (Unless you’re going into a profession where you won’t get a job without that piece of paper!)

Even though I am no longer in school, I continue to learn every day. And I think that is so important.

The day I stop learning is the day I die.

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