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Exterminate – Doctor Who

“Exterminate! Exterminate!” “Delete! Delete!” “Moisturize me!” “DON’T BLINK!”

I freaking love Doctor Who, so day 24 of the A to Z Challenge is naturally about it! (click here for a full list of topics)

A few years ago, I spotted Doctor Who on Netflix and decided to give it a try because I had seen so many people talk about it all over the Internet. I watched the first season within a few days and started on the second season before telling my husband that he HAD to watch it because it was fantastic. I started again on the first episode so that my husband and I could watch it together and it became basically an obsession for the two of us.

The Tenth Doctor

At first the regeneration of the Doctor was disorienting and weird, but eventually the tenth Doctor became my favourite. His interactions with and love for Rose Tyler was amazingly done and I actually cried while watching the episode called Doomsday. Although the tenth Doctor is my favourite, I’ve enjoyed every Doctor and every companion (even Ricky, I mean Mickey! :P) and every episode (some more than others).

Weeping Angel

Don’t blink!!


My favourite “bad guys” are the Weeping Angels. They freak the heck out of me, I’m not ashamed to admit. And yes, I have had Weeping Angel nightmares. A close second for bad guys is, of course, the Master (especially the recent incarnation). “The drumming, Doctor, the constant drumming.” But, of course, I cannot go without mentioning the Daleks! “Exterminate!”

I cannot wait for the ninth season of Doctor Who to start! Hurrrrrry up! (And Maisie Williams (Arya Stark on Game of Thrones) is going to be on the show!) Allons-Y!

Who is your favourite incarnation of the Doctor (old and new series)? And who is your favourite companion?



How the heck did I not mention Captain Jack Harkness in this whole post??

Captain Jack Harkness

Hmm, I also didn’t mention the TARDIS…


Or a million other things…

Doctor Who

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