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V is for Design Violations

There are some things you just shouldn’t do, well, most of the time.

Here are some design violations!
Centring Everything

Very rarely is this acceptable.

Too Many Fonts

Two is usually enough.

Missing Margins

Be consistent and be generous with margins.

Warped Photos

Crop don’t warp!

4 Corners

Visual balance is important but it doesn’t mean placing the same thing in each corner.

Trapped Negative Space

Make sure the negative space can reach the outer edges of the design.

Busy Backgrounds

Remember MySpace? When you would go to a friend’s page and the background was so busy (or even made up of repeated GIF’s) that you couldn’t read anything? Don’t do that.

Widows And Orphans

I explain those here.

Justified Rivers

And I explain those here!

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you can use these to great effect. But usually they are no-no’s!

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