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New Website in the Works!

Okay, it isn’t really in the works yet… My husband and I have really just been talking about it and brainstorming. Buuuut, I hope to have a new website all ready to go in at most a month’s time.

I really want to switch to a WordPress based site rather than using Drupal for my backend because I feel like most writers use WordPress. Good reasoning, I think. Plus, it would allow for a better commenting system then what I have currently.

I also want to update the look of my site as I feel that my current look is rather boring. I like it’s simplicity but I want something fun. (I almost wrote funner… No. Just no.)

Sooooooooooo… If anyone has any awesome WordPress plugins that they think I would like and that would make my site just so wicked, please leave me a comment below or tweet me on Twitter!


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