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New Year, New Home, New Goals

We’re finally in our house!

  • The Kitchen!
  • Dining Room!
  • Living Room!
  • Master Bedroom!
  • Ensuite!
  • Tupperware!

(Do you think I have enough Tupperware? Probably not…)

We moved in on December 30th, so we got to bring in the new year in our new home. I am currently writing this in my half-setup new office! Woo, first time home owning!

Anyway, now for something not as exciting… I failed at my 2015 goal of finishing a full first draft of a novel. I know, I know… LAME! But I did get further than I ever have before, so that’s something right?

But now it is 2016, and I am setting the bar even higher! (Then, even if I don’t reach it, I will probably get further than I did this year. That’s my problem… Not setting the bar high enough!) This year I am going to PUBLISH my first book. Crazy, I know. I’m going to dive right into The Tree of Eternity and get this book DONE. New year, new home, new (lofty) goals!

How am I going to do this? I’m going to write. And edit. And write. And edit. REPEAT. Until I am done. Then I am going to put it out into the world and see what happens. Oh, and start writing my next book (Which will be the first of a trilogy that I am super excited about!).
I better get to work!

What are your goals for 2016? Comment below so I can stay on your case 😛 (And please stay on mine!)

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a TV show. Can you guess which one?

Day 15 of the A to Z Challenge is about the TV show Once Upon a Time! (Click here for a list of all the topics)

Once Upon A Time Promo Image

So one day (I honestly don’t remember when) I was bored and decided to try to find something new to watch on Netflix. That thing ended up being Once Upon a Time.

I flew through the first and second season. It was just so good! The characters and stories awoke the child in me while still being aimed at adults. I love it. And then Hook was introduced.


Hooks character is awesome. I love the bad guy trying to be good type character (especially when they are as good looking as Mr. Killian Jones :P) and I also just love seeing different versions of old characters (which is probably why I like the show as a whole). Anyway, he is my favourite character on the show!

I think that, as a writer, a lot can be learned from taking old characters and putting them in a new circumstance. It can help us develop our own characters into round, realistic beings. This is probably why so many writers write fanfic on the side. I’ve never really written fanfic but I do make up a lot of fanfic in my head… I should really start writing fanfic for fun…

I’m now part way through the fourth season (and behind I might add… I really need to catch up!) and I am still loving the show. I love how, each season, new characters are being introduced and being tied into the storyline of the main characters.

If you have not yet seen Once Upon a Time, what is wrong with you? I mean, you should watch it!

My A to Z Challenge Theme for 2015

A to Z Theme Reveal

In about a week, I will be starting the 2015 A to Z Challenge! Basically, this means I will be blogging every day except Sundays starting on the 1st and ending on the 30th of April. Each day’s topic will start with a different letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order! 26 letters in the alphabet, 26 days (excluding Sundays) in April!

Today, March 23rd, is Theme Reveal Day! For this blogging challenge you do not NEED to have a theme, but I feel it will make it more fun and give my readers an idea of what to expect during the month.

Since I blog about my writing journey, I figured a writing or reading theme would be pretty generic and lame. That does not mean that I won’t be talking about writing quite a bit, because I will be. It’s just not the main theme.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the theme of my 2015 A to Z Challenge is……………

Things that have inspired me or have had a great impact on my life.

I figured this would be a great starting point for this challenge since this is my first year participating. If you are also participating, please let me know what your theme is in the comments section!

I was going to keep the individual topics a secret until they are posted, but I decided it would be more beneficial for readers if I put a list here and turn each topic into a link as the posts become available. So here is the list of topics:

I hope you enjoy this month’s blogging extravaganza!

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