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D is (sort of) for Adobe InDesign

During school, I was super excited to learn about Adobe InDesign. As a writer who wants to self-publish going into graphic design, I believed that learning InDesign would be extremely beneficial. And boy was I right!

InDesign is capable of so much, but I am going to focus on two very useful tools within the software: Master ages and paragraph styles.

Master Pages

Master pages are pages that you can set up with various grids and information that will then populate on whatever pages within the document that you apply the master page to. So say you want all of the pages to show a page number down in the bottom outer corner. You would go to your master page and add this in by creating a text box and right clicking (control+click on a Mac) and scroll to Insert Special Character > Markers > Current Page Number. Now this will populate on every page the master page is applied to!

Paragraph Styles

Paragraph styles are used to keep all text in your document consistent. Create a paragraph or header with the styles you wish, then with your cursor within the text, click New Paragraph Style in the Paragraph Styles menu. Then either click within another paragraph or highlight many paragraphs and click on your newly created style in the paragraph styles window. These will all now have the same styles applied!

If you make changes to the paragraph style you have created, all paragraphs that it is applied to will change also. This makes the styles tool very powerful.

What InDesign tool do you like most or would you like to hear more about?

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