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My Family and Friends

I honestly don’t know what I would do without my friends and family. Cliche, I know, but it is one hundred per cent the truth!

Day 6 of the A to Z Challenge is about my friends and family! (click here for the full list of topics)

Each and every day, I am inspired by my family and friends. Most recently, I have been most inspired by my nephew, Tucker, and his parents.


Tucker has hypoplastic left heart syndrome and has already undergone his first heart surgery when he was only a few days old. At six months, he will be having surgery number two, and then at 4 years old, he will have the final surgery to fix his little heart. He has endured more than most adults and he is only 5 months old! And he still has more to come. He inspires me every day. That such a small little baby boy can survive so much and still smile, giggle, and babble just amazes me. I love the little guy so much! And his parents amaze me just as much. They have stayed positive throughout all of this and are two of the strongest people I know.

Many others inspire me. My mom and dad inspire me because they work so hard to provide for themselves and for my brother and I (even though we are both adults now!). They are truly wonderful and they ask me about how my writing is going all the time 🙂

My friends inspire me to have fun and enjoy life. I don’t always need to focus on the future and it honestly becomes hard to do so when I am around my friends. The focus becomes on the present and I love that.

My husband, Matt, inspires me every day, multiple times per day. He is always encouraging my writing and is genuinely excited for/with me whenever anything exciting happens (like the 425 views and 27 votes I have on my Wattpad novel Obsession thus far!) He is giving me the opportunity to focus on my writing career and for that I will forever be grateful. Not only is he super supportive of my writing, but he also knows just what to say or do to pick me up on those days when I feel down. LOVE HIM.

Family is something that is so important to me and I feel like my friends are a part of that. It is not only blood that makes family, that’s for sure. Everyone you meet has an impact on your life, but those that have a positive impact are those you should call family. I love my family. They inspire me, they comfort me, and they are there for me. And I hope they all feel the same way about me!


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