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New Website in the Works!

Okay, it isn’t really in the works yet… My husband and I have really just been talking about it and brainstorming. Buuuut, I hope to have a new website all ready to go in at most a month’s time.

I really want to switch to a WordPress based site rather than using Drupal for my backend because I feel like most writers use WordPress. Good reasoning, I think. Plus, it would allow for a better commenting system then what I have currently.

I also want to update the look of my site as I feel that my current look is rather boring. I like it’s simplicity but I want something fun. (I almost wrote funner… No. Just no.)

Sooooooooooo… If anyone has any awesome WordPress plugins that they think I would like and that would make my site just so wicked, please leave me a comment below or tweet me on Twitter!


Review of Copyright A Novel by Lori Lesko

Copyright A NovelAnother review!

I had been looking forward to reading Copyright A Novel ever since reading an excerpt on Lori Lesko’s website (link below) months ago. The idea of someone stealing your unfinished novel and publishing it themselves makes me sick to my stomach. I needed to find out how Amber dealt with it. I saw on Twitter that it was out and had to get it right away.

The plot is great. The twists and turns were unpredictable and, for lack of better words, in your face. I read the entire novel in one day because I just had to find out what was going to happen next.

The main character seemed very real, almost too real at times. Amber changes a lot throughout the book and most of those changes are not for the better due to her struggles with addiction. There were times I hated her. Yes, hated her. I understood her hardships and why she did what she did, but that does not mean I agreed with them. At all. She manages to grow positively eventually and for that I am thankful.

I am intrigued to see how Amber’s story continues and how the family dynamics play out in her future.

My one complaint (aside from hating the main character at times :P) is that some of the other characters seemed to flat. They did not feel as real as Amber. But this could be because not much time is spent with any of the other characters, so maybe in future stories about Amber, the other characters will start to feel more real.

I recommend this book and await a follow up novel!

Lori’s blog (with links to purchase the novel): lorilesko.com

Review of Miss Mabel’s School for Girls by Katie Cross

Miss Mabel'sMerry Meet!

Let me just start off by saying… This. Is. A. Wicked. Book.

True Story.

First of all, the plot is wonderful. It starts out seeming like it is going to be just another magical boarding school book and then it is like… Just kidding! I don’t want to give anything away so I will just leave it at that.

Second, the characters are really well written. They seem real. Truly. The protagonist, Bianca, is a strong, independent, teenager whom cares greatly about her family and wants to be able to save and protect them all. Leda, one of Bianca’s best friends, is awesome and reminds me of Luna Lovegood, except not really because she is really not the same but she is. Makes sense, right? Plus her name is awesome 😉 (Just spelt wrong :P). Camille, Bianca’s other best friend, is the average teenage girl. She can be annoying at times but it is perfect because Bianca and Leda also think she is annoying at those times so it works great. Then there is Miss Mabel, the antagonist. She is freaky. Not her looks, but her personality. Basically, as far as I can tell after just one book, Miss Mabel has no heart. Period.

Third, the setting is wonderful. Letum Wood, the school, Chatham Castle, the set up of the Networks, all are vivid and awesome. I did feel at times that there was too little description but then I kept remembering that this is only the first book of a series and the rest will come!

And lastly, the writing itself is great. I love Cross’s subtlety. She never over explains or feeds the reader information. She tells you once, hints at things, and leaves things up to the reader’s imagination. As I read, I had so many questions and many of them were answered by the end, but also, many of them were not. And that is why I am now going to continuously bug Katie to get the next book in the Network Series completed and in my hands!

I whole-heartedly recommend this book!

So mote it be.

Buy it here: MissMabels.com

Katie’s blog: KCrossWriting.com

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