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Y is for YouTube

What else is there to do while eating lunch than watch YouTube videos? Seriously, what?


Day 25 of the A to Z Challenge is about YouTube and the many YouTuber’s I love to watch! (Click here for a full list of topics)

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to when YouTube first began and start putting up videos. Then maybe I would be a YouTuber today, making money by making videos. Wouldn’t that be awesome? As it is, I only have a few videos up of my ratties and my dog. I have 4 subscribers. Woo! Go me!

My favourite thing to do while I eat my lunch each day is to watch YouTube. It’s a nice break in between all the stuff I need to do in the day and gets my mind off of whatever I was working on before getting my lunch ready. I have a bunch of channels that I am subscribed to and a few favourite YouTubers that I watch religiously.

My favourite YouTubers, in no particular order, are:

Grace Helbig – She is just that nice kind of awkward weird funny that I like.

Grace Helbig

Hannah Hart – My Drunk Kitchen is hilarious and Hannah is just a wonderful human being.

Hannah Hart

PeanutButterGamer – His Let’s Play channel can be absolutely hilarious and his main channel as well.


JonTron – He makes very silly gaming videos with his bird, Jacques.


Rhett and Link – Their weekday show Good Mythical Morning can be equal parts entertaining and gross (They do food challenges sometimes…).

Rhett and Link

I have more YouTubers that I watch, but these are the ones I watch more often and enjoy the most!

Who are your favourite YouTubers and why?

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