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B is for Brand Consistency

What is a brand?

A brand is every visual (from an online ad to the product packaging) and every interaction with a business or individual’s consumers/clients.

How does one create a consistent branded experience?

Graphic designers are usually the ones that must make sure that a brand stays consistent. They make sure all of the colours that are used stay the same from each medium. Logos. Fonts. Images. Basically everything. The best way to do this is to create a Brand Manual. This is a file or book that shows the restrictions and rules of all of a business’ branding. It shows specific colours to be used, logo sizes and “safe-zones” (the amount of padding between a logo and everything else), types of images, etc. Once this manual has been created, anyone who is going to create an ad, update the website, etc. will be able to do so with consistency.

Why is brand consistency so important?

Brand consistency creates the relationship one has with a company. If the logo is always used in a consistent way with consistent colour and imagery, a consumer will recognize and connect with the brand. If the logo is tweaked every time it’s used, colours constantly change, and the imagery is all over the place, a consumer won’t realize that it is the same company that they have seen before and will be more likely to ignore an ad or other marketing medium.

An example:

I had to create a brand manual for a fictional specialty grocery store for school. Here are some example pages from this manual.

Brand Manual Example

Brand Manual Example


What brands have you noticed that stand out because of their consistency?

A is for Adobe Illustrator

Illustrations are super fun to create and Adobe Illustrator is an amazing tool for creating them.

There are so many different ways to create illustrations but a couple of my favourite techniques are tracing an image using a pen tablet (such as a Wacom Intuos) and/or using the Pathfinder Tool. The illustration below was created as my final project for learning Adobe Illustrator and uses both of these tools and techniques.

Illustrated House

Tracing is pretty self explanatory. You put the image you wish to trace on one layer (and fade it out so it isn’t quite as visible) and then you trace! An important thing to remember when tracing is to play around with the fidelity. This means how smooth your pen strokes appear. Whether they are accurate to your movements or are smoothed out between points.

The Pathfinder Tool is much more complicated then tracing but can create some very precise and amazing illustrations. Using basic shapes (Circles, squares, etc.), you can create just about anything. Say you want to create an illustration of a quarter phase moon, you would take two circles and overlap them with the top one moved slightly to the left or right and then use the Minus Front Tool on the Pathfinder panel and the top shape would cut out of the bottom shape and disappear. Boom! You have a quarter phased moon!

There are so many more techniques and tools to use in Adobe Illustrator, so play around and find some tutorials!

And have fun! (Which is not hard to do with this amazing software.)

Graphic Design and a Business?!

Wow, I have not updated in quite some time… SORRY!

A lot has happened since we moved into our house and not much of it has involved actually writing. Truthfully, I haven’t written much at all in months! (Crazy, I know). But that is for good reason — Well, I think it is good reason — and that reason is… I am doing a graphic design program and my husband and I started our own business!

I am on week 11 of 52 for my program and I am loving it. And after I finish, I am most likely also going to do a 52 week program for web design. I am really excited to be able to make my own book covers in the future and, once I am finished the program, I plan on creating a brand new design for my website!

As for our business, my husband is a developer and I’m working on becoming a graphic designer (match made in heaven :P), so we decided to start our own company called Coded Pixel Development and Design.

Coded Pixel Logo

I created the logo! What do you think?

We already have a great client and we are working on our first mobile app that we hope to release soon!

Now everyone, don’t worry! I will continue to write. I will always write. That is my first and foremost love. I’m just taking a break to get our business on the go and my schooling finished and then I will be back to writing like crazy! PROMISE!

I’ll try to update more frequently in the future, and even write a few posts that are not just updates soon. Buh-bye!

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