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Insomnia and Ideas

Who needs sleep? Seriously, who? Apparently not me!

Isla sleeping

My puppy can sleep… Why can’t I?


I is for insomnia! Oh joy. Day 9 of the A to Z Challenge! (Click here for a list of all the topics!)

Well, this topic may not seem as positive as the others, but insomnia has had a great impact on my life. I’ve always had trouble sleeping. As a teenager, I would be awake until three AM most nights and wake up at seven AM to get ready for school. Not enough sleep. Especially for a growing teenager! Since then, I have had insomnia in waves. I’ll go through spurts of sleeping fine, but then I will have whole months where my sleep pattern is completely messed up and I am basically permanently tired. During those messed up and sleep deprived times, you wouldn’t think that there would be a silver lining, but there is!

Light bulb

Ideas. Staying up all hours of the night leaves a lot of time for nothing but thinking. I try not to turn on the TV or computer or even my phone when I am struggling to sleep. I figure it might make things worse and I should just tough it out by lying in bed with my eyes closed. So I think and think and think. And I tell myself stories. Lots of them. And some of those stories are actually good ideas. In which case, I write them down!

Tower 38, a science fiction short story that I am working on, is one of those stories. So is Tree of Eternity, a fantasy novel I have slowly been writing. That story came to me over a week of sleeplessness. Little bits of it here and there until I pieced it together and started writing it down. Many other stories have been the product of insomnia, some of which I have written down to then abandon, some of which I hope to get back to one day, and some of which I was silly enough to not write down and now they are floating in the wind never to be remembered… *kicks self*.

So many of my story idea’s have come from sleepless nights, and because of that, I am happy to suffer from insomnia. Wait, did I really just say that? I think the lack of sleep has made me crazy!

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