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M is for the iMac Magic Mouse 2

The iMac Magic Mouse 2 is something I absolutely cannot work without. When I first got my iMac (when I first started my graphic design school program), I was annoyed with the mouse. I wasn’t used to only having one button (I was a PC girl up until then!), and I kept accidentally sliding my finger over it and making things scroll all over the place. But now that I am used to it, I can’t go back.

iMac Magic Mouse 2

There are two features of the Magic Mouse 2 that I use consistently; the double tap with two fingers which brings up Mission Control where I can switch between open apps, and the scrolling feature which can be used in any direction.

The scrolling feature is amazing when working on a graphic design project in Adobe software. Being able to scroll to the right and left is time saving and focus saving.

Also, the Magic Mouse 2 is rechargeable. This is amazing since I don’t need to buy AA batteries constantly! The only down side is that when the battery dies I have to switch to my corded PC mouse which I now hate for everything but gaming… That’s another thing that’s not so great: The Magic Mouse 2 is a pain when it comes to gaming.


Do you use a Magic Mouse 2? And if so, what’s your favourite feature?


I swear this isn’t sponsored. I just really like the mouse! 😛

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