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Cuddly, cute, smart, furry, little ratties. <3

Day 18 of the A to Z Challenge is about the rats I have had! (Click here for a list of all the topics)

Many people think of rats and disease ridden pests or science experiments, but they are also amazing little pets.

I have had five rats altogether, one of which I still have. All five have had their own personalities and their own reasons for me loving them. They have each had an impact on my life, and I miss all four of the ratties I have lost.


The first rat I ever had was Tilly. She was white with creepy red eyes and I named her after Fievel’s sister in An American Tail. She was an amazing pet. She wanted to be out on me all the time. I would even bring her for walks outside in my sweater pocket. When I was on the computer she would hang out in my lap and do laps around my waist. Sadly, she ended up getting a mammary tumour (which is quite common in rats) which eventually took her life, but even with the lump growing on her, she still had a great life. I was extremely devastated when Tilly died and it took me a long time to get another rat.


When my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I moved out of the in-law suite in my parents house, we got another rat. Her name was Sansa (from Game of Thrones) and she was grey with black eyes. She was so curious and always wanted to explore and find new things to climb. Her favourite way to escape my husbands computer desk was to climb down the vacuum cleaner and then run around on the floor of his office. She was also a little thief. One time, my husband got mad at me thinking I had stolen his slice of pizza… Sansa had grabbed it with her long teeth and dragged in behind his computer monitor and was gorging herself.


After having Sansa for a few months, we decided to get her a friend. We got another little ratty that we named Arya (also from Game of Thrones). She was white with black accents on her face and down her back. Arya had issues with her respiratory system almost right away. All of her life, we had her on different medications. After Sansa died, Arya’s respiratory issues got worse. She missed her friend 🙁

To help Arya get over the death of her best friend, we got two new ratties, Blizzard (Bliz for short) and Min (from the Wheel of Time). About a month after, we had to have Arya put down. Her breathing had become very laboured and we were worried about her quality of life.

Bliz and Min

Min and Bliz missed Arya, but not as badly as Arya had missed Sansa. Probably because they had each other, but also because they were not in the same cage very much (we didn’t want Arya to get the others sick and Arya was old and annoyed with the younger rats sometimes :P). When we first got Bliz, she got sick (probably from Arya) and we had to nurse her back to health. She has such a zest for like and I think that may be because she almost died as a baby. Bliz loves running around on the couch and jumping up onto our clothing and climbing us. Min was always more docile and cautious and we discovered that this was because she was blind. She could see a bit, which we knew because she would follow us with her eyes, but she couldn’t see very far or very much detail. I think she saw mostly shadows and movement. Eventually, Min got a cancerous tumour that grew rapidly and we did not catch in time (although, I don’t think it would have made any difference if we had noticed it sooner).

Now we just have our ratty Bliz. I think she was lonely in the beginning after Min was gone, but Bliz has gotten used to being alone. She enjoys short visits with our puppy, Isla, and she loves when we give her cheese! Now Bliz has a small mammary tumour forming so we have been looking into different methods of shrinking or, at least, keeping the tumour from growing. We hope Bliz will have months, if not a year more of life in her. She is only about a year and a half old, so if we can manage this tumour, I think her quality and quantity of life will continue to be great! 🙂

Have you ever had a rat or wanted one? Leave a comment below!

Also, if you have any information that would be useful with Bliz’s tumour, please let me know!

My Second Love: Matthew Price

If you are wondering why my husband is my second love and not my first, click here!

Day 13 of the A to Z Challenge is all about my amazing husband, Matthew Price 🙂 (Click here for a full list of topics)

Matt and I

I’ve known my husband for a very long time. We both grew up in a small town (when we were little it only qualified as a village) and, therefore, we went to school with each other. It wasn’t until after both of us had graduated (He is a year younger than me) and we had been out of school for a while that we began to hang out. But before we started hanging out, we both got to experience embarrassment when Matt’s younger brother came into my work and told me that his brother liked me. My face went bright red and my co-worker bugged me for days… Later, Matt told me he was embarrassed as hell too.

On Canada Day in 2007, I sat with Matt while we watched the fireworks next to the lawn of the legislature building in Victoria. Then I asked if everyone wanted to come over to my place after and a few people said yes. Everyone bailed. Except Matt. So we hung out that night and a few more times before I went on a road trip to visit my gramma (That’s how she always signed my birthday and Christmas cards) with my dad. When I got back, we hung out again and then decided to make it official. We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Matt and I - Wedding

Five years, many fights, many make-ups, many cries, and many laughs later, Matt and I got married. Literally five years. On August 1st, 2012, we got married in my parents backyard. It was a great wedding (and everyone was quite tipsy by the end of it. Some more than others :P) and as you will know if you read my last post (the one linked too in the first sentence of this one), we chased Linkin Park around on our honeymoon.

Matt and I - Honeymoon

During the almost 8 years since we first started dating, Matt and I have both been through school, multiple jobs, lived in multiple apartments, gotten pet rats, gotten a dog, and much more. Now Matt has a great job for a company that is awesome and actually cares about their employees, I work at home writing and blogging and cooking and cleaning, and we have awesome pets (one of which is asleep on my lap right now!).

Matt, Isla, and I

Matt is my biggest supporter with my writing and he is the reason that I have the opportunity to stay at home and write as much as I can! He is the reason I went to school to take courses about writing (and other things such as anthropology) and the reason that I feel confident that I will publish books and actually make enough money for it to be a full time endeavour in the future!

I love him more than anything and cannot wait for our 8 year anniversary this summer <3

Forget Diamonds – Dogs are a Girl’s Best Friend

Why is it that dogs are man’s best friend, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Foolishness. I don’t want a diamond at all!

Day 4 of the A to Z challenge is, of course, about dogs! (Click here for the full list of topics)

Before I was born, my parents got a puppy that they named Woosha. He was a little white fluff ball and I grew up with him. I don’t remember much about him as a youngster, but I do remember quite a lot about him once he was an elderly dog. He loved to chase bugs and eat them. What a freak! He was a great dog, even when he was grumpy. When he was in his last years, Woosha’s ears and eyes were failing him. He had difficulty getting around and would pee in the house all the time. I remember when my mom decided to put Woosha down. I think my dad was at sea (he was in the Navy) and my mom went to the vet alone and came back with Woosha wrapped in a towel. It was extremely upsetting and it took us all a while to move on and get another dog.

We briefly had a dog named Rebel, but he was a big dog and my family quickly realized that we were/are not big dog people. After about a week we gave Rebel back to his old family. It was sad to see him go.

After our short time with Rebel, we got another white poof ball that my mom named Mocha. She is amazingly smart and super playful. Whenever we kick the soccer ball around, she is right there wanting to play. Even now that she is old and has a limp, she still wants to chase after the ball and push it around. One of the hardest things about not living with my parents anymore is that I don’t see Mocha everyday. She is amazing. I have so many memories with her and I plan to make so many more.

Mocha and Sam

A while after we got Mocha, my grandma came to live with us and she brought with her a pomeranian named Sam. Sam is a little prince. Or maybe king. He can be a huge grump but then other times he is a playful, prancing goofball. When my grandma moved out into a home, Sam stayed at my parents. He gets so excited when my grandma comes over to visit. It’s the cutest thing ever!


Last summer, my husband and I finally decided it was time to get a dog. We started searching around and found a breeder a couple hours away and decided to go check out the little pups they had. We ended up adopting Isla right then and there. We couldn’t take her home for another week though (longest week of my life!) until she had had her first shots and had been with her mother long enough. Isla is the cutest little pup ever. She is half Chihuahua and half Miniature Australian Sheppard. She has helped Matt and I greatly. She helped me feel more motivated to get up in the morning and to get through depression and she has helped Matt get off of anxiety medication.

Dogs are amazing creatures, and they are definitely a girl’s best friend!

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