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My First Love: Linkin Park

When I was thirteen years old, I was flipping through the TV channels and stopped when I saw a guy with bright red hair. Sometimes, simple moments like these can change our lives.

Mike Shinoda

Day 12 of the A to Z Challenge is about the band Linkin Park! (Click here for a list of all the topics)

After watching the rest of the One Step Closer music video (because that, of course, is what it was), I realized my great mistake. I forgot to pay attention when it popped up at the end saying who it was! The next few days consisted of me sitting on my bed with my eyes glued to my TV screen, waiting for the video to come back on. It didn’t. But the video for Crawling did! And I recognized them and finally knew that they were called Linkin Park! A week later, I bought the CD Hybrid Theory and that was the end of it. I had a new favourite band.

Hybrid Theory Cover

About 15 years later, I can still say that Linkin Park is my favourite band. I have CD’s, DVD’s, records, t-shirts, a hoodie, bags, guitar picks, a plaque, and more Linkin Park paraphernalia! I have seen them live multiple times. (My freaking honeymoon was a road trip that included following Linkin Park around on tour!) My grade 12 yearbook says I was “most likely to strap herself to the Linkin Park tour bus.” If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does!

I have so many Linkin Park related memories… Like the time at my grade 8 dance that I got pissed off because people suddenly liked Linkin Park after In The End came out. Yes, I got angry. They were mine. No one else was allowed to have them! Or the time I bawled my eyes out the first time I heard Somewhere I Belong. Or when my mom wouldn’t let me have the day off of school to go buy Meteora, so I made her drive into town to buy it and bring it to me at school. Or when I didn’t speak to my parents for a week because they wouldn’t let me go to Vancouver to see them live. But then the next time they came to Vancouver, they let me go, so all is forgiven (I guess…). Or seeing the Pts.OF.Athrty music video for the first time while in a hotel room with a really hurt knee and leaping across the bed, even though it hurt like hell, to turn up the TV.

Or when I met them. In 2004, me and my friend Stephanie went to the Meteora World Tour show in Vancouver. I was in the LPUnderground (their fanclub) and I made Stephanie join as well. We both got into the meet and greet! So we waited in a special line and missed seeing Story of the Year (which kind of sucked…) and part of Hoobastank (which I wasn’t to upset about…) and then we got to MEET FREAKING LINKIN PARK. I got my Linkin Park post card signed and said a few words to each of them (except Rob because the stupid security told me to hurry up… I really wanted to tell him that I was a drummer too!) and then it was over. We walked up the stairs and watched the rest of Hoobastank’s set and I just stood there thinking about how I had met them and it was already over. But then they came out on stage (after P.O.D) and I started crying, so all was well.

Brad and his Awesome Guitar

In 2012, I got married to my amazing husband, Matt. Our honeymoon consisted of a road trip to West Edmonton Mall and then following Linkin Park around Alberta and BC. It was the best. We got to see them 3 times! It would have been 4 times but we skipped the show in Washington because we had run out of money and were sleeping in the car and we were dead tired. It was amazing, and I obviously married the right guy if chasing Linkin Park around got to be my honeymoon!

Mike Shinoda

And more as too why they inspire me… Mike Shinoda is probably one of the hardest working creatives ever! He is basically the glue that holds Linkin Park together and he also has many side projects that he works on. Linkin Park also founded a non-profit called Music for Relief that raises money for disaster relief around the world!

Now I’m just waiting for them to get back in the studio and give me more amazing music! Hurry it up LP!

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