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Why I Love Brandon Sanderson’s Books

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Brandon Sanderson

I first discovered Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan died and RJ’s wife, Harriet, hired Brandon Sanderson to finish the Wheel of Time series. Before he finished the first of three books for the Wheel of Time, I picked up his Mistborn series to find out who this guy was and if he was worthy to finish my beloved series. Turns out, he was!

Mistborn blew me away with it’s amazing magic system. The ability to swallow different types of metals and “burn” them to enable some sort of ability based on the type of metal. The nicknames for the different magic people were great (example: Tin Eyes) and the description of how each power worked was spot on. And the world was amazing. The corrupt political system (which was less of a system and more of a major dictatorship) and the ash filled landscape and misty nights made the world come to life while also making it seem far away.

I was happy with what I had read and looked forward to Sanderson finishing the Wheel of Time (although I was still scared he would ruin it… silly lingering fear…). Then the Gathering Storm was released and most of my doubts vanished. There were a few things that made me think “Robert Jordan wouldn’t have written it like that” or “that character wouldn’t do/say that”, but for the most part, I was just happy to be reading more about the world and characters I loved.

Next I read Elantris and fell even more in love with Sanderson’s style. But it wasn’t until I read Warbreaker that I was hooked. Warbreaker is one of my favourite novels. I would read it again and again. It has the right mix of political mayhem, comic relief, and passion/sacrifice to make it memorable and amazing.

When the Wheel of Time was over, I began to read Sanderson’s epic, the Stormlight Archive. At the time, only one book had been released, the Way of Kings, and I devoured it. I wanted more right away but I had to wait. By the time the waiting was over, I bought the second book, Words of Radiance, and I just stared at it. I still haven’t read it. I don’t want to until the third book is either published or almost published. I don’t want to wait again. So, there it sits on my bookshelf waiting for me to crack it open. And I will, just… not yet.

I have also read other books by Sanderson over the past couple years — Alloy of Law (a mistborn book), the Emperor’s Soul, and the Rithmatist — and I loved each of them. I look forward to more!

If you haven’t yet read a Brandon Sanderson book, start with Warbreaker! It is an excellent read and is a standalone, so you don’t need to be daunted by the prospect of dedicating yourself to a long series. You’ll love it!

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