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How I Get My Butt Out of My Chair While Writing

Yoga Pose

Writing involves a lot of sitting. I really mean a lot. And, so I’ve heard, sitting for long periods of time is not so good on the body. Because of this sad news, I have come up with quite a few little exercises for when I’ve had my butt in the chair for too long. And, since I really like to multitask (sometimes to my own detriment), many of the exercises I do are things I can do while doing other things. In other words, multitasking. Yes, multitasking. Did I say multitasking yet? I think I may have…

Anyway, here are a few of the things I do to get my butt out of my chair and my blood flowing:

  • The thing that I do that takes the least amount of effort and gets the job done is super simple. Really. I just stand up and stretch! Wow, groundbreaking. Seriously.
  • Another thing I do, which gets my butt out of my chair but still involves my chair, are chair dips. Another really easy exercise and I can even continue to look at my screen while doing them. Exciting.
  • I keep a small 5 pound weight next to my desk. It may not get my butt out of my chair, but it does get the blood flowing. And I suppose it also keeps my arms toned. Oh, and it is also something I can do while keeping my eyes on the screen. Wow, I really should give my eyes a break…
  • Another thing, which doesn’t disrupt the current position of my body, is a wall sit. I usually just get up and head to the wall and do a quick 30 second wall sit, but sometimes I switch it up and do 45 seconds or even a full minute. This is also when I give my eyes their much needed break.
  • Along the same lines as the first bullet point, I also stand up and walk around once in a while. I usually do this while I am thinking about what I am going to write next. Or when I am hungry, thirsty, need to pee, etc…
  • And lastly, when I really need a good break from sitting, I head on over to my recumbent exercise bike with a good book or my ereader and get my legs a-moving. Oh wait. Recumbent… Bike… Riiiiiight, that is still sitting. Oh well!

Well, that’s my list!

What do you do to get your butt out of your chair, whether you’re writing or otherwise?

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