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How I Form Habits and Avoid Procrastination

I am amazing at procrastinating. Seriously, I think it is my greatest talent. The dishes need doing? But boooooks! I should be writing? But Twitterrrrr! I haven’t eaten anything today and it’s almost 6PM? But video gaaaaames!

Since I now work at home, and I don’t have a boss looking over my shoulder, I have had to find a way to get past my procrastinating ways. This whole writing for a living thing won’t happen if I cannot focus and get my work done!

First I tried tracking my hours. I made a spreadsheet on Google Drive (I still want to call it Google Docs) and I had different categories (Writing, editing, research, social media, etc…) and I would track how much time I spent each day doing each item on the list. This worked for a while but I began getting lazy with it and my whole system fell apart. Next I tried putting stickers on a calendar for every hour I spent writing. And just like before, it worked at first and then gradually I stopped putting stickers on the calendar and – poof!- this stopped working too.

The next thing I tried was actually something that my husband came across. He showed me and I have been in love with it ever since. It is an app called HabitRPG. Basically I input habits, “dailies”, and to-dos. As I check off the things I have completed, I gain money and experience. If I miss a daily or do one of my negative habits, I lose hit points. It makes daily life seem like an adventure! Okay, slightly exaggerated, but it does make me feel like I am quantifiably completing tasks.

  • HabitRPG
  • Dailies
  • To-Dos
  • Rewards
  • Habits

The experience is then used to level up (and apparently you can go on quests on the web application but I haven’t tried that yet) and the gold is used to buy weapons and armour. You can also buy health potions for if you have been slacking lately. If weapons and armour aren’t your thing, you can create your own rewards that you can use gold to purchase. For example, you could have “watch an episode of Doctor Who” as a reward, or “eat a chocolate bar”.

I love RPG’s, so this has turned out to be the best habit producing and procrastinating killing app for me!

Oh, and it’s free!

What are some of your techniques for avoiding procrastination and forming good habits?

How I Get My Butt Out of My Chair While Writing

Yoga Pose

Writing involves a lot of sitting. I really mean a lot. And, so I’ve heard, sitting for long periods of time is not so good on the body. Because of this sad news, I have come up with quite a few little exercises for when I’ve had my butt in the chair for too long. And, since I really like to multitask (sometimes to my own detriment), many of the exercises I do are things I can do while doing other things. In other words, multitasking. Yes, multitasking. Did I say multitasking yet? I think I may have…

Anyway, here are a few of the things I do to get my butt out of my chair and my blood flowing:

  • The thing that I do that takes the least amount of effort and gets the job done is super simple. Really. I just stand up and stretch! Wow, groundbreaking. Seriously.
  • Another thing I do, which gets my butt out of my chair but still involves my chair, are chair dips. Another really easy exercise and I can even continue to look at my screen while doing them. Exciting.
  • I keep a small 5 pound weight next to my desk. It may not get my butt out of my chair, but it does get the blood flowing. And I suppose it also keeps my arms toned. Oh, and it is also something I can do while keeping my eyes on the screen. Wow, I really should give my eyes a break…
  • Another thing, which doesn’t disrupt the current position of my body, is a wall sit. I usually just get up and head to the wall and do a quick 30 second wall sit, but sometimes I switch it up and do 45 seconds or even a full minute. This is also when I give my eyes their much needed break.
  • Along the same lines as the first bullet point, I also stand up and walk around once in a while. I usually do this while I am thinking about what I am going to write next. Or when I am hungry, thirsty, need to pee, etc…
  • And lastly, when I really need a good break from sitting, I head on over to my recumbent exercise bike with a good book or my ereader and get my legs a-moving. Oh wait. Recumbent… Bike… Riiiiiight, that is still sitting. Oh well!

Well, that’s my list!

What do you do to get your butt out of your chair, whether you’re writing or otherwise?

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