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The Unfair Treatment of Rats in Novels

My Pet RatsLook at how adorable these two little creatures are! (Yes, I made them pancakes. So cute!) These are my pet rats, Bliz and Min. They are such amazing pets. Seriously. Believe me! I’m not lying! Rat’s are unfairly judged to be icky, but really they are just like miniature dogs. You can teach them lots of tricks and they can be really cuddly (once they are done exploring their surroundings that is). They are super intelligent (unlike other rodents… *cough* hamsters *cough*) and they are super clean (as long as you keep their cage clean!).

Anyway, I am bring this up because I am an avid reader of fantasy. Well, just of books in general. And it is an extremely rare occasion to read about rats that are portrayed in a good way. The only book I can think of off the top of my head is The Witches by Roald Dahl. Oh wait, I actually think those were mice. Which is just ridiculous because mice don’t tightrope walk… Pssssh!

Well, that just makes me even more convinced. I need to write a book that contains rats as cute and cuddly pets. Not grotesque sewer rats that are slimy and stinky. Not disease ridden stow aways on an Atlantic voyage. But rats that are loved and clean and intelligent.

This is my new task. Yes.

What animals do you think get a bad reputation in novels (or just in general) and why? Do you think you could write about them in a more positive manner?

Leave a comment below! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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