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R is for 6 Rules of Good Design

I don’t know if the correct word for these is “rules” but I’m going to go with it…

Here are 6 rules of good design!

Focal Point

Every design should have one focal point. This is where the viewer will look first. Without a focal point, the viewer wouldn’t know where to look first.

To create a focal point, make sure to pay attention to size, extravagance, and position.


After you’ve created a focal point, you’ll want to control where the viewer looks next. In other words, the movement of a design.

To create a sense of movement, you can use the flow of lines. Whether they be literal lines, or objects that follow invisible lines.


Contrast creates visual stimulation. There are many ways of creating contrast. The most obvious is way is to use filled and empty space. Colour, value, patterns; they can each be used to create contrast.


A design should be visually balanced. This doesn’t always mean having a symmetrical design (although they can look quite nice and formal). Asymmetrical or radial designs also can be created with balance. Play around!


A pattern is created by using repetition. By repeating various aspects in a design, one can create a sense of rhythm. This rhythm can create a sense of movement through a design, so pattern brings us back to movement.


Unity means that all parts of a design must work together. Everything in a design should look like it belongs together. The rules above all play a part in creating a sense of unity.

Don’t forget, rules can be broken when there’s a purpose. 😉

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