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S is for Sketching

Sketching is an important step for any design project. It helps you weed out the generic design choices and stretch the limits of your imagination.

I use graphing paper for most of my sketching as this allows me to better gauge the proportions of a design. I also always use mechanical pencils. This is so that I never have to stop to sharpen my pencil — I just have to give it a click — and I can erase mistakes.

A great thing about creating sketches is that you don’t need to be any good at drawing. Most of the time, these sketches are going to just be for you to work out a design before moving to the computer. And really, most people will understand that the sketches are for idea generating and not a statement about your skills!

Here are some examples of sketches I have done for various projects:

  • Business Card Sketches
  • Sketching Bottles
  • Logo Sketches
  • Logo Sketches
  • Logo Sketches

If time permits, do as many sketches as you can before finalizing your idea. Sometimes the hundredth sketch is the perfect choice!

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