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Baby on the Way!

After 2.5 years of trying, my husband and I finally have a baby on the way!

I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and realized that I haven’t written a blog post about this yet, so here it is! We’ve announced on social media already, so you may already have known before this post.

This was our social media announcement:

Baby on the way

My pup is so cute and going to make a wonderful big sister!

The pregnancy is going well thus far. Aside from feeling like crap during the first trimester. And now that the sluggishness of the first trimester has passed, I am back to writing! I actually started posting Tree of Eternity on Wattpad, so make sure to check it out 🙂

We will find out the gender in about a week and a half, so stay tuned on my various social media accounts for that update. I am so so so excited!

Yay, baby! <3

T is for Twitter

Tweet tweet tweet! No that isn’t a bird. It’s me! On Twitter! (That made me think of those posters… “This is your brain on drugs” lol)

Day 20 (Oh my goodness, day 20!) of the A to Z Challenge is about Twitter and how I use it as a writer! (Click here for a list of all the topics)

T is for Twitter

When I first made an account on Twitter, I had no idea what it was or how it worked and I thought it was stupid and I tweeted about it being stupid and then I went back to Facebook. Great start.

About a year later, I went back on Twitter and set out to learn how to use it. (Not that it is really that difficult…) I followed all the famous people I liked and the few friends that also had accounts, then I started to realize that there was a large community of writers that I could be following. So I followed and followed until Twitter yelled at me. Okay, Twitter didn’t yell, but they did stop me from following anyone else. (Apparently 2000 is the limit until enough people follow you!) I discovered ManageFlitter (a website that you can use to unfollow inactive accounts) and I started culling my list so that I could continue to follow more people.

At about this point, I was getting thoroughly fed up with my homepage feed. I was following way to many people and I found it hard to actually connect with any one person because tweets were loading like crazy all day long from 2000 people! So I started looking into how to manage your Twitter feed and discovered lists.

Lists are awesome. I have my friends and family list (my least active list, apparently Twitter isn’t very popular among the people I know in RL) and my famous people list (which I really don’t look at very often). My favourite list though is my “Writers I Watch” list. Yes, I know that sounds really creepy. This list is of other writers that I interact with more often and enjoy the tweets and retweets that they post. It is in constant flux. I delete people when I am no longer interested in their tweets (ei they tweet constantly “BUY MY BOOK” or similar things) and I am always adding new people that I want to interact with more. Mostly, the list has grown and grown. I add more people than I delete.

Eventually, once I have released a book or something, I will make a readers list which will be a list of my readers! (Obviously)

Do you enjoy using Twitter? And what kind of lists have you made?

P.S. Follow me on Twitter here!


Cool craft… Pinned. Mmm, that sounds tasty… Pinned. Haha, that’s funny… Pinned.

Day 16 of the A to Z Challenge is all about Pinterest! (Click here for a list of all the topics)


I love Pinterest. When I first saw it, I thought it was for stay-at-home moms who wanted to find recipes and craft ideas. And it is! But it is also so much more. You can share anything on Pinterest. Favourite books, cool blog posts, silly memes, hair and make up tips, and yes, recipes and crafts.

I have 20 different boards now, ranging from fitness to funny stuff to writing tips to links to my own writing (such as this here blog!) and that seems like a good amount for the moment (until I find a new interest that I must document and explore via pinning!).

Pinterest is also helpful for my writing. When I get stuck or need inspiration, there are plenty of pins that help get my creativity flowing again. Scenery and architecture pictures are great for figuring out a good setting for my story to take place in. Pictures of people are great for characterization. And inspirational quotes are great to motivate me to keep going! Especially those pictures of Loki telling me to WRITE! 😛

Pinterest is a great visual way to share, create, and inspire. Hence why it is one of my favourite social media websites 🙂

Do you pin? Join me!

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