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U is for User Interface

User Interface designs are something that you most likely see every single day. Every app on your phone, every program on your computer, your GPS, the screen in your car, even the screen on your coffee maker, all have a User Interface. It’s become extremely hard to avoid computers, so it’s just as hard to avoid User Interfaces!

Over the weekend, I actually began designing my first User Interface outside of school. This is for a client that my husband and I are creating a large piece of software for. We spent a chunk of time sketching out ideas for the interface and for how a customer would interact with it. This kind of brainstorming is planning the User Experience which is closely related to User Interface. The User Experience is how a customer will get from point A to point Z and every point in between. The User Interface is what those points look like.

Thus far, this is the login page for the program we are creating:

User Interface Example

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