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Happy Day and New Project!

Leetah BegallieI am having a great day and thought I would share my joy with the Internet!

I started a new project today and it’s going really well thus far. I decided to put my series on hold for now and work on this idea that I have for a novella. I started on it today and I got a lot of the pre-writing done and I will probably finish the pre-writing by the end of the weekend! Then will come the vigorous writing of the first draft.

As well as starting my novella, I also started planning out my writing goals for 2014. I am feeling quite confident that by the end of the year I will have the novella I am starting now published, or ready to be published, and a second novella (based on my series) beyond the first draft phase! Then, in 2015, while I am editing the second novella, I will dive back into the series!

Anyway, I am just really excited so I decided to do a quick update 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s Day! I know I am! My husband just went to the store to get my favourite… Cinnamon hearts! Exclamation marks!

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