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H is for Visual Hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy is important for getting the audiences attention onto the most important of the information in a design.

To create visual hierarchy, list the content of a design in order of importance. Then choose the most important item. This item will be placed near the top of a layout and can be larger in size. Size and position are visual cues of importance. You would never see the most important headline on the front of a newspaper in small print at the bottom. Why? Because that suggests it isn’t as important as the bigger and more prominently placed items!

Visual Hierarchy is important to keep in mind when creating any design or document that includes multiple stories or chunks of information, such as a newspaper, newsletter, web page, or annual report.

Remember, visual hierarchy gets more complex the more information must be included in a single design. Vary the headline and image sizes and keep placement in mind. And when in doubt, use the Works-Every-Time layout.

Another short post. I swear there will be some longer ones coming up!

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