Viva La Bam

“Bam Margera. What will he do next? ‘Whatever the %#$@ I want!’”

Day 22 of the A to Z Challenge is about the TV show Viva La Bam! (Click here for a list of all the topics)

Viva La Bam

When I was a teenager and young adult, I LOVED Bam Margera. Seriously, I watched Viva La Bam all the time and I had posters of Bam all over the place. I asked for a video camera as my graduation gift, so that I could record my friends and I doing stupid things. Which we did, but very very tame in comparison to Bam (Like saran wrapping my brother to a flag pole).


One time, a friend and I even spontaneously drove to Whistler for an autograph signing event at the Billabong store. We got there and realized we hadn’t brought anything to be signed, so I said that I would get Bam to sign my wrist and then get it tattooed the next day. Well, they had posters there for him to sign, but as well as the poster, I got him to sign my wrist. And we got pictures with him, which was awesome.

That night we went partying and the silver sharpie on my wrist started to wipe off. But even so, the next day, once we had reached home, I went into a tattoo parlour and got them to tattoo the autograph from the poster onto my wrist!

Leetah's Bam Tattoo

I still love the tattoo and I love the story behind it.

Bam Margera is a different person than I originally liked, but I still love rewatching those old episodes of Viva La Bam, Where the #$&% is Santa, and, of course, Jackass.

What is your favourite prank/stunt TV show, movie, or YouTube channel?


As coincidences go, this one is pretty crazy… My friend, Jessica, who went to Whistler to meet Bam with me, tagged me in a Facebook memory today… Apparently it was exactly 6 years ago today that we met Bam!

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